Check out how I went from barely seeing my abs to a washboard stomach in only 4 weeks... You can TOO!!!

What’s up guys, my name’s Steve and I live in Los Angeles, CA. I want to shed some light on how I figured out how to get the body that women turn their heads for, and how I can help you with yours. I eat too much, I don’t work out enough, and I like my self a Budweiser or 5. I can see it when I look in the mirror. I tried to get that cut, ripped look, it just didn't seem like it was going to happen. For some reason the body gods didn’t feel like informing me about the two free products everyone is using to cut their gut and get ripped. I’ll explain how I found out about these two supplements, how I’ve used them together, and how they have changed me forever.

I will explain how I used it below, but first let me brag about the changes I had in just one month:

How a sandwich, the movie “300”, and a washed up actor changed me:

One Thursday my buddy and I go grab a bite to eat. There is this place near the gym that serves a ridiculously bomb Italian sub. The cheese, crisp lettuce, warm bread, and hot waitress make it a joint that’s hard to pass up. I really needed to get some grub after the gym because Im starving after a workout, and a fatass at heart. I really just wanted to talk to the waitress chick. Anyways while we were grubbing outside on the patio, one of the trainers from the gym sits down next to us, with his girl.

This guy's got a six pack, a woman, and a motorcycle. He’s ripped, but not overly bulky, the kind of ripped that a chick sees at the beach and approaches a guy. He sat down near us, and I overheard him talking to his girl about his unsuccessful acting career (get a job bum, no one really makes it acting in LA). He was saying how he was looking for more movie work, blah blah. Now, this is the awesome part… He was going over his resume and I heard him say he was an extra in "300". Right there I looked over and I knew it had to be true. I knew there was something the producers had them do to get ripped like that. I had to say what’s up so I asked him, “Hey man, sorry to interrupt, but how did you guys get so cut, or was it all just computer generated stuff?” He laughed and said "Nah bro, we did have a workout program, but it wasn't as intense as you would think. In fact, the workout was a real small part of it. The supplement we took every day was the major thing that got us so ripped.”

Over the next 30 minutes we talked about the movie and his training program. He was telling us how everyone thought he was on steroids because of how fast and intense his body transformation was. He went on to say that there was no steroids, no strict diet, or crazy training program. He just stuck to the basic program the producers gave him and took the supplements. He then reached into his bag and took out two bottles. One was called Muscle Factor X and the other was called Maximizer XL. I asked him what exactly these do and he explained how Acai activates a process in the body called Thermogenesis (the process by which your body generates heat, burns fat, and increases your metabolism). Seemed like a no brainer. The other product, the detox, pardon his word choice, makes you shit out everything else your body doesn’t burn. He said these two supplements were the catalyst that burned the fat and chiseled the muscles of the cast.

The Start Of My Spartan Transformation

With bottles in hand, I went home to do a little research. I fired up my Mac and hopped online to checkout the website where the bottles were sold. I didn’t really expect to see what I found. People were raving about this stuff. Not only on the site, but all over the workout forums and bodybuilding sites. I had to check it out because I’ve been jealous of this guy for a while, I mean he’s cut and I wanted it too.

Apparently a bunch of A-list actors in Hollywood have used these products for years to get ready for some major motion pictures. Maybe that’s why this has been kept under wraps, because the stars don’t want us to know their secrets. The most amazing part of my research was how cheap this stuff is. They’re offering free trials for both of them. With all the supplements on the market, and how expensive they already are, I figured these would be a couple hundred bucks a bottle, but I was wrong. I couldn't believe it when they were offering risk-free trials. It seems that these supplement companies are trying to branch out into the consumer market now, and in doing so are offering these limited risk-free* trials for a short period of time.

I needed to find out how to fit these two products into my life. Obviously, there was a method other than just taking these all day. After a little messing around, I got a schedule down to take the supplements and reach maximum effectiveness. I started and it only took a week to start seeing some definition in my gut and arms.

One month later, I've gone from slight man boobs, to pecks and a six pack. I actually have muscle definition on my upper body. I’ve seen that dude at they gym since then and everytime he sees me he just smiles and says “Told ya.” I laugh and thank him, then I tell him to go get me a sub or else.

These days I’ve got almost everyone I know on this stuff. One of my roommates plays World of Warcraft all day (bum). He’s gained some weight since he lost his job. Sitting all day, not moving a muscle, eating cheetos, that will do it to you. He wanted to lose some weight. He started tagging along with me to the gym, but hit a plateau. You know those, you try and try and try, but can never reach your next goal. Let me tell you, he started using Muscle Factor X and Maximizer XL when he hit his plateau, and he lost almost 15 lbs in the 4 weeks from when he started. He got more defined, got more girls, and somehow got a job.

The Exact Plan I Used To Get Ripped

Okay, so like I said, it took me a little while to tweak the schedule so it was truly effective. I'm going to tell you exactly how I used the two products together to create an elixir like no other. The most important thing is to use both of the products together, because they each work differently, but in synergy together.

Step 1: Maximizer XL - (Take one dose before lunch)

Maximizer XL did a number of important things for my body while I was working out (and even when I wasn't). It's great for building lean muscle -- especially when combined with Muscle Factor X. Additionally, Maximizer XL increases the effectiveness of your workouts so you can build muscle definition in no time.

  • Improves blood-flow and oxygen to muscle tissue
  • Easily builds strength, endurance, and power
  • Improves focus and mental awareness
  • Heightens your energy level

Click here to order a free* trial bottle of Maximizer XL

Step 2: Muscle Factor X - (Take one dose when you wake up)

This is key! It took me about a month to figure out that the secret to the "300" routine was to combine both products, and taking one dose in the morning and another at night really helped to move the process along. Muscle Factor X has many benefits:

  • Burns calories while you sleep
  • Gets rid of bloating and puffiness
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Helps create muscle definition

Click here to order a free* trial bottle of Muscle Factor X

Step 3 (Optional): Plus Testosterone - (Take one dose with breakfast)

Plus Testosterone is a miracle in a bottle. Period. Plus Testosterone is the real fountain of youth, and is the main ingredient in this product. Athletes benefit because Plus Testosterone™ gives energy and helps limit lactic acid production, aiding in faster muscle recovery. Do more reps, lose fat faster, create lean muscle more quickly, and increase your lifespan.

  • Plus Testosterone™ is all natural and 100% safe
  • One dose with breakfast each day amplifies workout results.
  • Antioxidant properties result in improved muscle performance and weight loss benefits
  • Drink yourself fitter and healthier!

Unfortunately, Plus Testosterone is available in limited quantities due to production limitations. If you can get it: Click here to order a free* trial bottle of Plus Testosterone Liquid

Trust me, these really work, but let me warn you this stuff is NO JOKE

**The two free* trial offers above are only available until next weekend... So go get them while you can!

Here are the links again:


By: Steve - Saturday, June 20, 2012

sup guys?... i thought i'd open up the comments so you can ask questions or share your experiences too.

By: Carter - Monday, June 22, 2012

Hey Steve, I stumbled on your site and it's so funny because i got JACKED on these two supplements too!

By: GymRatt14 - Wednesday, June 24, 2012

hey I am gonna be going to the beach a lot this summer.. I just filled out the forms for more trials and can't wait to be able to play football on the beach with the boys without feeling self-conscious.* Here is my progress with the first month.

By: Vannessa - Wednesday, June 24, 2012

I got these free trials for my boyfriend about 2 months ago, and you can definitely notice the difference, especially in his abs. He said it was the only present i ever got for him he that he liked. He recently lost some weight, that's why his skin is loose in the first pic, but you can see from the second pic how well he filled out. He's so sexy now!

By: AbMaster12 - Thursday, June 25, 2012

I use Muscle Factor X before I compete to give my body the "finishing touches" and look as cut as possible.

By: Anthony300 - Thursday, June 25, 2012

At first, I admit I was skeptical, but i'm so glad I tried it because I'm noticing some pretty amazing results after the first two weeks.  Now, if I can just get tan!

By: BillHulman - Sunday, June 28, 2012

I asked my trainer about this stuff at my gym and he actually said he's been using them stuff for the past 6 months. He didn't know they offered a free trial though. When I gave him the link for the free bottles, he said he couldn't believe he's been paying over $50 per bottle for the Muscle Factor X.

By: John- Monday, June 29, 2012

I got my trials of Muscle Factor X and Maximizer XL in like 5 days. As soon as they came, I started using them and in about a week, my beer belly is gone and I am already feeling that my abs are becoming more toned. This shit is INCREDIBLE - good find!!!

By: AlphaDog - Monday, June 29, 2012

I'm not gonna say this stuff is like roids or hgh, because it's totally not unhealthy like that shit is, and it really does give you results. It gives you the boost that really defines your muscles to give you that cut up look.

By: AndyWrd - Monday, June 29, 2012

Hey Steve, how long did it take for these things to arrive?

By: Steve - Tuesday, June 30, 2012

From the day I placed the order, it took the Muscle Factor X 3 days to get here and the Maximizer XL arrived the day after.. so not long at all.

By: AndyWrd - Thursday, July 02, 2012

I busted my ass exercising 3x a week, drinking protein shakes every day for 2 months didn't see ANY results. I have been taking this shit for 3 days and am already seeing results. DAMN! THANKS man.

By: BB123 - Saturday, July 04, 2012

Dude, your before and after photos are sick. I've gotta try this shit. What kind of workout were you doing?

By: Steve - Monday, July 06, 2012

To be honest, I don't go crazy in the gym, cuz I don't have to now. I workout about 3-4 times a week for about an hour each time. I do some cardio and basic stuff. The awesome part about this is that you don't have to spend every day at the gym, the secret is having a normal diet. This shit just makes you ripped naturally dude..

By: Samson - Wednesday, July 08, 2012

Hey dude this stuff is the shit! I just saw you on myspace. I found out about this stuff from my buddy at the gym too. Check out from when I started in March this year.

By: Steve - Thursday, July 09, 2012

Wow, that's awesome, you really bulked up!


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